Puppies for sale in ALABAMA

At Lifetime Dogs we only work with the most reputable breeders in Alabama. Have you found the standards of other breeders to be below what you’d prefer? The quality of both breeders and the suppliers who rely on them varies throughout Alabama. Although a dog may look cute and cuddly, he or she could have underlying behavioral issues brought on by poor breeding.

We also guarantee your puppy up to ten years, because thats how much we care about your pet and it shows how much we believe in the quality of our animals. Choose from up to 67 breeds depending on availability — see a full list to the left — and rest assured in the peace of mind that your dog is guaranteed to be replaced in the rare case of death or a congenital or hereditary disorder. Please click here to find your favorite pup today!

Choosing Your Puppy
Ultimately choosing your puppy depends on your personal preference. Choosing from a litter alone is tough, not to mention choosing from the selection of breed types we offer. We want you and your puppy to be the perfect match! This is why we provide detailed information on all types of breeds and each puppy itself, such as information about the mother and father, gender and color.

We offer more than just selection though — we back it up with value. All our puppies are afford-ably priced because we want each to get adopted and enjoy their new home as soon as possible. Ready to begin finding your favorite puppy? Click here to browse our Alabama selection now.

What All is There to Do For Dogs in Alabama?
Alabama is famous for its natural beauty — from white sand beaches to secluded and majestic woods complete with waterfalls — which translates into a wonderful environment for any dog. Dozens of dog parks are located throughout the state as well, providing residents a convenient dog-friendly place to visit when a longer trip isn’t in order. Not only that, but dog parks are perfect for the socialization every breed needs to maintain happiness and healthiness. Click here to take your pick of our Alabama pups.

◆ Hoover Dog Park: This dog park is a wonderful example of those available throughout the state of Alabama.
◆ Moss Rock Preserve: Dogs love this preserve because it’s got such a great variety of natural beauty to explore.
◆ Ruffner Mountain Nature Center: 11-plus miles of nature in which dogs are sure to discover interesting trails and wildlife.

Why Lifetime Dogs is Different
At Lifetime Dogs we understand what you’re looking for in a new puppy for your household. You want to give your puppy the best life possible in beautiful Alabama, but you also want to be confident he or she has been raised well. After all, you’ll be handling any issues a breeder passes along.

We only work with the most reputable breeders to ensure your satisfaction. If, however, in the rare event congenital health problems arise with your puppy, we back every year up until the age of 10 with our replacement guarantee. We understand there’s no replacement for your puppy, but having a new friend helps.

Our puppies are raised like you would raise them — in a loving, caring and stimulating environment. Puppies grown and learn quickly and need the proper diet, socialization and exercise to stay happy and healthy.